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           Richard A. Gerard, Attorney at Law


Yale College '66 - BA

NYU Law '71 - Juris Doctor

Law Practice

Oil and Gas Leasing
Easements and Mineral Deed Reservations


Obtained $25,000,000 in lease bonus payments for clients. Represented Windsor Landowner Coalition obtaining $2,750 up front bonus and 18% royalty. See article on home page of this website. Represented over 200 individual landowners in successful lease negotiations and four landowner groups each of which closed on leases. Leased 25,000 acres.

Participated as royalty owner in Marcellus Shale Well.

Author: Book Review of Finders Keepers? How the Law of Capture Shaped the Worlds Oil Industry, appearing in IOGANY's Pipeline Quarterly; Co-Author and Presenter Marcellus Shale Land Law (2010). Co-Author Marcellus Oil and Gas Land Law and the Marcellus Shale Play (2011)-Continuing Legal Education. History of Oil and Gas and Anatomy of the Oil Gas Lease (2013)

Representing clients in matters concerning: leasing, seismic, storage valuation in eminent domain, breaches and termination of leases, investing in wells, mineral rights sales, royalty assignments, title disputes, royalty disputes,valuations, environmental, compulsory integration, lease extensions, good faith pooling, holding by production, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission proceedings, Storage lease and feeacquisitions, force majeure, shut in, prescribed payment lease and HBP extension disputes, pipeline and right of way easements, providing for landowner protections and the highest price per foot in the context of eminent domain authority,non surface lease provisions, insurance for lessors and landowner investors, and drilling methods, geology and regulation.

Founding Director of National Association of Royalty Owners - Appalachia Chapter. Attended Pennsylvania Oil and Gas Association meeting, 2009. Attended Rocky Mountain Mineral Law Foundation one Week intensive Short Course on Oil and Gas-Houston-2008. Attended since 2006 six annual Independent Oil and Gas Association of New York Conferences. Attended Society of Petroleum Engineers meeting on fracking and water disposal.

Experience Prior to Oil and Gas Practice: Banking - 10 years at J.P. Morgan - Chase predecessor, Corporate Bankruptcy Finance - Real Estate Assemblage & Development & Brokerage, Lobbying. Chaired Money Center Bank Steering Committee on 1994 Bankruptcy Reform Act legislation.

Client Testimonials:

"You are the best Richard! You called it perfectly and we snuck in under the wire."
- Client with 500 acres

"It gives me great pleasure to let you know how very satisfied I am with your services and the results that you obtained on my behalf.

Several of the parcels that you leased for me had previously been leased to other companies; not only did you decrease the lease term from 5 years to 3 years you also obtained financial results far exceeding what I had obtained prior. You went out of your way to represent my interests; unlike others who's real interest was making the best possible deal for the Oil and Gas companies.

In summary, I wish to let you know how delighted I am with the results obtained and hope that we will both profit this venture.

You certainly will have earned every penny that you might make."
- 700 acre landowner in Chemung County

"Mr. Gerard is charging me a very reasonable rate that will be paid only when and if I sign a lease. In fact, given the fee range he has quoted, I'm considering giving him a bonus when I sign because I already feel his help will be far more personalized than I could possibly have had any other way.

At the same time, I do think I understand Mr. Gerard's tough side and, to be quite honest, I'm very glad to have him do my bidding with the gas companies. He's been doing nothing but gas leasing for landowners for a long time and that side of him I believe has served his clients well.

As for being an employee, it's not quite that simple. It's a professional relationship that has more complexities than worker and boss. For instance, there's little point in engaging an attorney's services if you're not going to accept his expertise. In that understanding there is usually some deference, however subtle. If you simply tell him what to do and don't seriously take his advice there's little reason for having him represent you.

One more thing regarding Mr. Gerard simply for informational purposes. He is one of two specialists in oil & gas leasing for landowners in this region that I have heard of. Chris Denton is the other. Each have different styles and I believe both have nearly as much work as they can handle. They simply don't have time to finesse every prospective client that calls.

With the amount of activity the region is experiencing it's easy to imagine why these guys are so busy. Because of human limits they have to make decisions about which clients to take on"

You certainly will have earned every penny that you might make."
- 250 Acre landowner - New York State

"Richard, I feel you have done a fine job for us, not only as an attorney but also as a good businessman. I feel you have been honest and straightforward as possible. I will continue to give your card out to people who may wish to join a smaller group."
- Member of Windsor Landowner Group

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