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Current Events:

Marcellus Shale Coalition
Potential Gas Production in New York
PA Supreme Court Strikes State Preemption Statute Overriding Town Zoning
Potential Gas Production in New York
Natural Gas tops $5 for the first time since 2010
NY Times article regarding pending Court of Appeals review of Home Rule Decisions
Natural Gas Intelligence -- free articles
Filing of "Notice of Unit" extends lease--Ohio Court
Pennsylvania Production:Analysis of 1 H 2013--PSU
New York Court of Appeals to hear Home Rule Case
Survey Regarding Natural Gas Price "Tipping Point" for Drilling New Wells
Graph Showing Potential for Multi-layered Lateral Well Bores--Potential of 18 off one pad
Evaluating Claims of Well Water Underground Contamination
Importance of Cementing Well Bores Correctly
Finding and Evaluation "Sweet Spots" in the Marcellus
Center formed to provide to shale gas producers independant certification of performance standards
Energy firms, environmentalists agree on tough environmental fracking standards
Avon Court decision upholding Home Rule
Home Rule Supremacy Affirmed By Appellate Division
Court holds arbitration clause binding on landowners
Fractured shale gas potential in New York
US Shale Gas Stanford University Presentation
The Future of Natural Gas - MIT study 2010
Windsor Group finalizes huge gas lease deal


Elmira Star Gazette report on early well discovery - 1931


Gas Market Pricing:

DEVO Capital is an Introducing Broker and Commodity Trading Advisor

Fracking Water Issues:

Gas drillers face ocean-size problem
Role of New York State, Federal and Local Govt.
Susquehanna River Basin Commission
The Catskills Gas Rush
White Paper on Fracking Byproducts

For Landowners:

Energy-Focused Reading List
Key to Compulsory Integration
Natural Gas Weekly Update
Oil and Gas in Pennsylvania
Pennsylvannia DCNR Auction Results
Tompkins County Water Resource Council strategy
Millenium Pipeline


Act to amend the environmental conservation law, in relation to statewide spacing
for oil and gas wells
Landmen Complaint Form
Laws in Pennsylvania
Millennium Line Expansion

Marcellus Play:

300 Agree to $90 million gas deal
Marcellus shale
Municipal Authority of Westmoreland County will receive more than $6 million for selling off oil and gas rights
What Is Hydraulic Fracturing

Regional Forums:

News Aggregator re: Oil and Gas

Seismic Permiting:

DEC's & Towns' Attacks on Seismic Surveying

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